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DNB Program

The Diplomate qualifications awarded by the National Board of Examinations are equated with the postgraduate and post doctorate degrees awarded by other Indian Universities for all purposes including appointment to teaching posts as Lecturer/Assistant Professor by the Government of India, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare; vide their notifications issued from time to time.

The holders of Board’s qualification awarded after an examination i.e. DNB, are eligible to be considered for specialist’s post/faculty in any Hospital including a training/teaching institution on a teaching post/as a faculty member. Diplomate National Board qualifications are well recognized by the Medical Council of India and accepted as high standard specialist qualifications for practice of concerned medical discipline/Super or sub-specialty area.

Training programs

The training opportunities have been divided into Fellowships and Observership. We have defined a fellowship as a post in which the trainee has direct clinical responsibility for patient care, both as outpatients and for surgery under supervision. An observer has no clinical responsibility for patient care. They can only observe outpatient consultations and cannot be directly involved in surgical care.

Giridhar Eye Institute offers long term fellowships – spanning over 12 - 24 months and short-term fellowship of 2 months duration. Observership is of one month duration. The long-term programs are for young doctors who would like to gain from the expertise available at GEI and further enhance their knowledge in their respective fields through extensive practical training. The short-term programs are for practicing ophthalmologists who would like to gain specific experience in specific procedures and management of eye diseases.