Orbit & Oculoplasty

ORBIT & OCULOPLASTY:  It is a unique department that adopts microsurgical techniques of ophthalmic plastic and facial surgery and offers specialized diagnosis, management and treatment for various diseases, deformities and disorders of the Orbit (the body cavity surrounding the eye), eyelids, lacrimal (tear) system, and the surrounding part of the fact in both adult and paediatric patients. Patients can also avail the services of the department for other surgical procedures to repair damage from trauma or disease including cancer, to treat congenital abnormalities at birth or that progress with age. Ocular Prosthetic services is an integral part of the department and it provides integrated, moulded artificial eye shells with cosmetic outlook to patients with damaged or disfigured eyes or painful blind eyes as part of our efforts to rehabilitate them. Added to this, facial aesthetics and cosmetology also strengthens the department wherein aesthetic and cosmetic considerations and its enhancement along with ageing problems of the patients are well taken care of and duly protected. The department also lays focus on Thyroid eye diseases and its timely management and treatment.

The OCULAR ONCOLOGY Department offers expert care in the treatment of various cancerous tumors of the eye and surrounding structures. The Ocular Oncology department is engaged in close interaction with the Ocular Surface Clinic for the management of tumors of the surface of the eye and management of orbital tumors.

Oculoplasty and Orbit department performs: Orbit Procedures, Socket Surgeries, Ocular Oncology, Eye-lid surgeries, Lacrimal Procedures, Aesthetic and Cosmetic Procedures.

We have facility for in-patient and out-patient services and also effective access for pre-surgical counselling in appropriate cases. The department is ably supported by other departments like Ocular Pathology, Endocrinology, Orbital Radiology and Ocular Prosthesis Clinic.

A unique department specializing in the science, art and craft of fabricating and fitting of custom artificial eyes, or commonly called “Fake Eye”.  Loss or disfigurement of an eye due to an injury, eye tumour or an infection inside the eye or a shrunken eye can be devastating and it invariably affects your aesthetic beauty. That apart, when the eye or its components are removed through surgical procedures such as Enucleation (removal of the entire eyeball) or Evisceration (removal of jelly-like portion inside the eye), it requires restoration with the fitting of a Custom Artificial Eye. It prevents the tissues in the eye socket from growing to fill the empty space. A prosthetic eye can improve the appearance of the affected eye socket. A prosthetic eye cannot restore vision.  

This situation speaks volume of the necessity to know how important it is for prosthetic eye to be both beautiful and natural. Our Ocularist uses advanced art and sculpting techniques to create the most lifelike artificial eye with the most natural and wonderful appearance, ensuring world class quality. 

Lastly, at Giridhar Centre for Ocular Prosthetics, you can be rest assured that lifelike artificial eye is no more a teasing illusion or a promise of unreality, but a stark reality. 

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Establish an eye care centre with all sub-specialties in Ophthalmology. Provide clinical expertise comparable to the best in the world.